Goal Tracking

Goal Tracker can track hundreds of different types of goals. It can track short term or long term objectives and has a variety of units (Percent (%), Times (x), Trials (x/y), etc...). You can track data over days, weeks, or months, and let Goal Tracker calculate your data with averages and totals.

Goal Tracking

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

It's no joke, creating a measurable goal is as easy as following our 3 step process. We even throw in help bubbles to make sure you understand every step. The picture below shows how easy it is to add an objective.

Goal Tracking

If you are skeptical, don't be. Goal Tracker was created to be easy and effective, and we think that you will agree. In fact, let us prove it. Go ahead and try out our Live Demo now.

Monitor Progress

After creating a goal, all a user has to do is to enter their data. Goal Tracker does everything else that you need to track student progress.

  • Automatic Graphing
  • Automatic Mastery Notification
  • Trend Lines, Mastery Stars, Mastery Lines

When you are done entering data, a user can create a report with just a few clicks. Check out the Reports Page to see the impressive results.

Enter Student Goals

Goal Tracker helps you make them measurable

Track Student Data

Enter data as often as you like

Print Reports

Generate reports in only 30 seconds